Landen Nickloy

This picture was taken by me at the state contest for BPA of 2021. I had to dress up before going and taking my contest. I placed 7th out of 19 participants. We had a lot of fun at the state BPA contests.


I was born in Bryan, Ohio on May 10th, 2005. My parents are Mindy Edelman and Russell Nickloy. I have a job at Reifel Indistries in Pioneer. I go to school at Four County Career Center.


My favorite pastime is playing video games. I'm almost always listening to music. I enjoy watching shows on Netflix and videos on YouTube. I used to play the piano but I haven't touched it in quite a while. I like to do coding and programming but I only do it while at school.


I went to North Central since kindergarten before coming to Four County. I took a computer programming class at NC for my first 2 years of highschool. Wanting to learn more about programming and pursuing it lead to the decision of me coming to Four County. I'm glad that I came to Four County. I've learned so much more about programming while being here, and I've made some friends.