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Landen's face
(Landen in his element.)

Landen Nickloy was born in Bryan, Ohio on May 10th, 2005. His parents are Mindy Edelman and Russell Nickloy.
He enjoys playing games, talking with people, listening to music, and watching things such as Twitch, Youtube, Netflix, and anime.


Landen has played games ever since he was in kindergarten. One of the first and most memorable games He's ever played was The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Obviously being his first game he wasn't too great at it, but played it with his Dad, they would take turns. He would usually read the text that came up, although his dad wasn't great at reading Landen still loved the gameplay and the story.

The Legend of Zelda is still one of his all-time favorite franchises, but Wind Waker most out of all of them. Through the years he would play the Wii, PlayStation2, GameCube, Xbox360, and some other consoles if he were at someone's house who had something different. When he got a gaming computer, he could do a lot more than before with an all in one desktop. He had gotten a Nintendo Switch about a year ago as well, he has spent a lot of time on that, typically playing Mario or Zelda for the most part. Playing games is something he does daily, whether it's something small on his phone and just a little bit on the computer or switch, to playing a game for hours on end, with a friend or on his own.

Team Fortress 2 Picture
(Team Fortress 2, the most influential game to Landen.)

Some of the top favorite games of his are Team Fortress 2, L4D2, Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas, Terraria, Subnautica, just about all of the 3D mario platformers, most of the 3D Legend of Zelda games, and Minecraft. Landen's all-time favorite game is most likely The Binding of Isaac. With the ratio of the amount of time playing the game, to the amount of time having the game, the time he has spent on The Binding of Isaac is undoubtably the largest. In less than 2 years he amounted over 500 hours of play time. Landen is no where close to being the greatest at the game, many struggles still plague him though his attempts to reach the goal of getting all the achievements.


Landen used to have lots of friends at school when he was younger, but now he's friends with almost no one from his home school. He doesn't physically have many friends because he doesn't really fit with most people he has met. The majority of friends Landen have made have been online, it's so easy to make friends there because there's so many people. He's been good friends with some people over the internet for years.


The internet has had a massive impact on Landen and continues to do so. Ever since he was 9 at the latest he played on his mom's laptop. He would usually play Roblox and would continue to play it for years. There's tons of things to do and that he's done on roblox. It was always fun to talk to people in roblox, he never became very good friends with anyone from there though. Christmas of 2017, Landen got a computer.
It wasn't the greatest, and all in one HP desktop, but it got him by. Shortly after, he got Steam and Discord, which which both led to many friends and enjoyment. Just as life, the internet has it's ups and downs, and the people can be just as good or bad. Of course every moment spent on the internet wasn't enjoyment but that just happens. One of the games that Landen played a lot and still does, is Team Fortress 2. He's made friends from there and had lots of fun, and continuing to do so.

Discord to me is quite amazing. A place where anyone can meet anyone. Sure there's the down sides like predators and people who lie about who they are, but such is life. Talking to people on discord is lot's of fun, getting to know them or just talking about whatever. Landen finds it easiest to tell people he doesn't know things because there's no consequence. Whether they judge you or dislike you it doesn't matter, you've just met the person so no loss. If you became friends with a person it's just all gain.
Other than meeting people and games, there's another great source of entertainment on the internet for Landen.


Music is something he's always loved, and still does. The internet makes it so easy to listen to music constantly. Some of his favorite artists/bands are Sanguinarius and Tally Hall. Landen likes a lot of different music, things like rock, EDM, breakcore, and experimental music. He uses Spotify to listen to most of his music.

Some of his favorite Youtubers/Twitch streamers he watches are:

Watching these people always brings him the most enjoyment out of anyone else he watches. There's a few shows he really likes as well.


As most people do, Landen has a family. His parents have been divorced since he was three. Every Friday he switches between houses, that's how it's been most of his life. At his Mom's house he lives in Lake Seneca with his step dad Mike, sister Abigail (8), and baby sister Alice (2). He has more fun with his Dad's side than his Mom's, so is less reluctant to go to events and such on her side. At his Dad's house he lives in Pioneer with his step mom Davinna, and sister Bristol (7). Landen's Dad and Grandpa Joe run their own mechanic shop, named Nickloy's Fix and Fab. They've worked hard to get where they are and it took many years. His Mom is the manager of the Mainstop in Edgerton. She's worked with the company for many years, she's perfect for the position.


North Central, in Pioneer, has been Landen's school for his whole life. It's a very small school, he's made friends there but they've all drifted away. There's really nothing too special about North Central. He was always pretty bored with school, but now he's at Four County for computer programming. He's excited and ready for new experiences.

Sports and Other Hobbies

Landen's grandpa Joe
(Landen's Grandpa Joe found a turtle last time they went golfing.)

About a year ago, Landen, his dad and grandpa decided to go golfing. He was pretty bad but really enjoyed it. It wasn't until the end of last school year that he was able to sign up for the golf team. Golf is still quite a struggle for him.
He used to play piano and was pretty good. Hasn't touched a piano in what seems like forever, a year at least. Just not much motivation for him to do so.


So that's Landen Nickloy. Enough said I'd say.

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